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Visit our museum in historic Guildford, a National Trust town.
Curfew Bell Guildford
Gaol Passageway

Our Museum

The Colonial Gaol  was built in stages between 1841 and 1867. Originally a two cell lock-up, a large Magistrate’s room was added in 1853. More cells, and a prisoners exercise yard was added in 1868. Parts of the Gaol were demolished, commencing in 1917. Today there are just four cells remaining.

Tours of the museum include a visit to the Colonial Gaol, and a glimpse inside Taylor’s Cottage (Pictured below), a quaint workman’s dwelling once the home of ex convict Edward Taylor and his large family. Stroll around the prison exercise yard containing farming machinery and a blacksmith’s forge. The tour concludes at a 1920’s wash house, complete with copper, cement troughs, clothes wringer, laundry supplies and household irons.


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